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PEKOS GROUP is an organization dedicated to the design, manufacture, assembly, storage and distribution of valves and performance and control elements, whose commitment is focused on offering their seriousness and professionalism and level of service as a main tool, as well as providing high quality products and services to its customers, considering all of the above as a key aspect of competitiveness which must be adopted with responsibility and commitment by all of its members.

The general management of the PEKOS GROUP recognizes quality, care of the environment and workplace safety as strategic factors for developing and improving the organization in order to ensure the fulfillment of the following purposes:

• Satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the market and the environment, involving the internal and external stakeholders for each branch that is relevant to our operating properly to this end.

• Progressive, continued loyalty of stakeholders through the fulfillment of contracts and the agreed requirements applicable to each branch.

• Scrupulous compliance with the legislation in force, as well as the rules and regulations established and   regulatory requirements applicable to each of the branches.

• Maximum level of the quality of work carried out by avoiding the appearance of variations, or if there are any, carrying out an analysis of their causes and implementing the corrective action required to avoid their repetition.

• Progressive minimization of the environmental impact generated by our activity, applying the principle of pollution prevention in our environment.

• Progressive minimization of the occupational risks arising from our activity, applying the principle of prevention of damage and deterioration to the health of our personnel.

• Participation and fluid communication with the different stakeholders in the start-up, execution and completion of different work, with a view to promoting improvements in them.

• Provision of the technical means necessary to properly and efficiently develop the activities carried out, as well as training, motivation and enhancement of the professional development of personnel.

• Commitment to improve the management and performance of our organization at each of its branches.

Based on the provisions established, the general management of the PEKOS GROUP undertakes to:

• Provide the appropriate means and resources for the proper operation of the Management System implemented at each of its branches, based on compliance with the requirements established in the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards and Technical Specification OHSAS 18001, as well as the requirements demanded by API SPEC Q1, API SPEC 6D and the European Directive for Pressure Equipment

• Carry out a complete review of the Management System of the organization periodically at each of its branches, of the objectives set, the results obtained and future expectations, carrying out the corresponding continued monitoring in order to control the degree of achievement thereof.

• Carry out audits of the management system for each of its branches in a timely and regular manner in order to verify their correct adaptation and improvement.

• Disseminate this general policy to staff, as well as to any person and/or entity interested in knowing about it.

• Review and modify this general policy whenever necessary, and adjust it on the basis of the evolution of the organization and its corresponding branches, always working with the commitment to continuous improvement.

• All of the foregoing is joint work carried out by the team of people that make up the PEKOS GROUP, with it being the general management who should lead the teamwork effort as a basis for complying with the general policy established and the continuous improvement of the management system of our organization.

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