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Milestones in our history:

• 1988  Establishment of a domestic trading company  • 1990  The manufacturing of Pekos ball valves begins in Bilbao  • 1992  First fully-owned warehouse in Barcelona  • 2000 First fully owned production plant in Bilbao: Pekos Fabricación  • 2002 State of the arts automatic warehouse installed in the 6500m2 new logistic plant in Montmeló  >  New machining plant is set up in Bilbao: Pekos  • 2004 New machining plant is set up in Bilbao: Pekos  • 2008  Pekos group is formed  • 2009  New company - Indutec, is added to the group to cover the domestic trading market in Spain  • 2011 New modern production facilities of 11.000 m2 are inaugurated for Pekos group in Artea  • 2012 Valvulas Nacional, a safety valve manufacturer, joins the group  • 2013 New sales branches are opened inIMadrid and Bilbao  • 2014 Automation Valves facilities upgrade: 300 m2 in Pekos Group Headquarter  • 2015 Indutec New Facilities  > Pekos Group remodels HQ facilities., expanding Office Area, Machining Zone and Warehouse  > 136 people working in Pekos Group. • 2016 New Company in the Group; Instyvalve, to widen the coverage of the trading market in Spain.• 2017 Indutec moves to new, bigger and modern facilities  • 2018 Nacional Safety Valves builds and moves to a New Factory in Ruby, more than 2.500 sq/m. to increase production capacity.



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